Q is your one-stop music and SFX source with over 300,000 music cues and 50,000 sound effects from the best libraries. Search multiple libraries at once, and reduce costs by combining a mix of cues under a single licensing blanket. We offer live search assistance from our experienced Aaron|Stokes music editors, and will help you with all your search and licensing needs. Can't find the perfect cue or make an edit work? We can help there, too. We can even provide Q-Scoring – a hybrid of original music and library music for a dramatic, cost effective post-scoring option for projects needing a tight synchronization of music and picture.

This is NOT an e-commerce site. Q offers the convenience of internet searching with the personal support of our audio team at Aaron|Stokes Music + Sound.

Click here for more information on Q, or join today and start searching for that perfect cue right away!
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